We invite you to worship this Sunday in your homes. Here is a Worship Guide with songs and a sermon for you to use: Sunday Service

Sunday Worship Guide

We invite you to use the worship guide below. Please use it to gather in your homes and make much of Christ.

1) Call to Worship: Read Malachi 1:11 and ask the Lord to help us glorify Him among the nations.

2) Worship Singing (videos include lyrics): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKSxGwEtvyTL_6TQBNly1qTbHreXBb_6e

3) Prayer Moment: Today we ask everyone to pray for Christians in China. How to Pray (Open Doors USA - https://www.opendoorsusa.org/christian-persecution/world-watch-list/china/):
  • Currently Bibles can be read on the internet in China but not sold online. Pray against Chinese Christians losing access to the Bible.
  • Pray for courage for believers to meet together as the culture becomes increasingly hostile to Christian churches. In July 2019, authorities in a northern Chinese city opened a special hotline for citizens reporting unauthorized religious activities, including evangelism, distribution of illegal publications and hosting unapproved events.
  • In some areas, children are not allowed to attend church services, suggesting pressing efforts to stunt the growth of Christianity for emerging generations. Pray children have access to learning more about their faith.
  • Pray house churches would flourish across the country and for new leaders who would step up to lead these churches despite the risk.
6) Offering: Use this time as an act of worship giving joyfully and generously and thanking the Lord for his provision. You can now give by clicking this link:  https://tithe.ly/give_new/www/#/tithely/give-one-time/1323059

7) Pray for the church to continue in unity and fellowship during this time.